The Artist

Cécile Chancerel began her trade in a professional school of jewellery in Lyon, and then she worked in Paris

for the very reputable jewellers of Place Vendôme. 

She improved her skills in drawing, in gemmology and in engraving at the well known Ecole Boulle,

and travelled throughout the world to acquire an international experience.

Cécile Chancerel - Artiste et joaillière

In 1984 she migrated to Australia

passionate by stones where she staid during nearly 20 years. 

Specializing in black opals, she created a company specialised in opal mining and cutting,

manufacturing and selling jewellery.


   Her feminine sensitivity and her professionalism seduced the most famous Australian jewellers. 

Quickly she became famous with very select and elegant customers who appreciated

her unique, personalized and creative work.

Her taste for colours brought her to discover the techniques of enamelling,

in particular "Plique à jour" a sort of stainless glass effect.

Wishing to pass on her knowledge, she opened in Sydney

the school of jewellery and enamelling where she taught all subjects.


In 2004 she chose to return to Europe to settle in La Baule

and she opened her own workshop at home, in February 2005.

She designs and manufactures jewellery.


She personalizes and adapts the jewellery to you,

out of precious metals, precious or semi precious stones, pearls, with or without enamels.

She renovates or transforms your old jewellery that you do not wear, to give them a new look.

You are welcome to visit her workshop and the secrets of enamelling, only by appointments.



Cécile CHANCEREL - 19, avenue St-Hubert - 44500 LA BAULE - FRANCE - Phone : 33 (0) ou 33 (0)